CDL’s Business Process Outsourcing relieves you of the pressure of dealing with the complexities of expanding payrolls, staff benefits, industrial and government regulations. Dealing with staff issues is not only involving but also resource intensive. Compliance with labor laws and sector-specific regulations is complex and is a legal minefield that often has costly consequences. CDL offers the simplicity of an end-to-end service for payroll, HR and benefits administration, managing your employees so you can focus on your core business, generate revenue, increase your competitive advantage and achieve more.


What We Do

  • -We offer complete end to end HR administrations and management
  • -We take care of all day-to-day labor relations
  • -We ensure compliance with tax and labor law
  • -We supply well screened non-core workers and act as a liaison between the employer and the workforce.
  • -We eliminate headcount cost from the employer’s balance sheets
  • -We undertake employee development
  • -We organize and facilitate training courses with individual roles in mind