Job Description

The Policy and Procedure Specialist/Writer is responsible for producing

effective written communication on the Group Banks policies, procedures, and

guidelines. You will be working with our subject matter experts (SMEs) and

other internal stakeholders to analyse, recommend, author, and deliver high-

quality documentation such as procedures, manuals, job aids, and forms to

help ensure a consistent end-user experience for all  of our  employees.


Policy and Procedure Specialist Job Description:

 Assist in the technical writing of agency policies and procedures,

including as needed routing and revising policies through existing


 As needed research best practices for policies, procedures and manuals.

 The policy writer is expected to meet with departmental managers to

acquire thorough knowledge of each program and/or department

operations and procedures.

 Write various types of documentation, such as operational procedures,

manuals, job aids, forms, and reference guides.

 Complete writing of policies and manuals in line with standards for

accreditation, agency contract needs, and ongoing continuous quality


 Write various types of documentation, such as operational procedures,

manuals, job aids, forms, and reference guides.

 Create documents that comply with Salaam Group Banks standards on

language, writing style, structure, and format.

 As needed research best practices for policies, procedures and manuals.

 Keep accurate drafts of policies in existing organizational method.

 Review and evaluate legislation and policies.

 Determine the benefits and drawbacks of existing policies.

 Effectively communicating insights and plans to cross-functional team

members and management.

 Edit and amend policy drafts as required.

 Liaise with stakeholders to determine needs and goals of policies.

 Participate in project teams and make recommendations on the types of

documents and information necessary to achieve business goals.

 Interface with internal clients to gain insights on how information is

consumed by the audience, and then determine efficient ways to

present and deliver such information.

 Gather data and produce reports on the qualitative and quantitative


 Review internal and external communications to determine whether

they are accurate and comply with regulations.

 Produce documentation for electronic or hard copy publication.

 Update, edit, and improve existing documents based on current Salaam

Group Banks writing standards, quality, and style guidelines. Convert the

materials into the current templates when necessary.

Qualifications & Experiences:

 Having an MBA degree with a business, English, Journalism, or Technical


 Experience with process creation and standardization.

 Experience implementing new and revised processes.

 Candidate must have or at least now pursuing professional qualifications

demonstrating their skills, such as graduate certificate in policy analysis.

 Minimum of 3 years’ experience as policy and procedure writer/analyst

in banking/financial and related sector.

Policy and Procedure Specialist Skills:

1. Communication skills: Communication skills are essential for a specialist

analyst and so the candidate must be good in communicating and

working with a variety of people such as engaging with clients to listen

to and determine their stratification about the procedure and policies

which the bank does provide.

2. Business knowledge: A business analyst needs to have a thorough

understanding of the business model of Islamic Banking sector. The

candidate need to be aware the modus operandi of banking industry ’s

and so have to demonstrate on how he can help the Group Banks

achieve its goals.

3. Attention to detail: mistakes in this field can lead to costly delays, so it's

imperative that specialist evaluate Policies and Procedure with a careful


4. Teamwork: policy analysts must be able to collaborate with loan

officers, underwriters, banking managers, accountants, and other


5. Organization skills: keeping orderly records concerning group

information and compliance documentation is crucial for this profession.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

 Strong interviewing and listening skills.

 Excellent organizational, written, and verbal communication skills.

 Excellent interpersonal skills to foster harmonious relationships.

 Time management/ability to perform comfortably in a fast-paced,

deadline-oriented work environment.

 Strong ability to:

o Write clearly, concisely, and accurately.

o Write for a wide variety of audiences.

o Proof-read and edit.

o Pay attention to detail.

o Demonstrate initiative, problem-solving, and decision-making

within scope of responsibilities.

o Ask relevant questions when interviewing SMEs and other

resource persons.

o Comprehend abstract and complex concepts and translate them

to concrete, simple, user-friendly documents.

o Effectively collaborate in a team environment, as well as work

independently without much supervision.

o Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.

 Strong knowledge of:

o Contemporary style guides (such as Microsoft Manual of Style) to

achieve a common voice.

o Single-source writing techniques.

o MS Office Suite, including Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and



 Banking and credit union operations and environments.

 Knowledge of regulatory rules and laws specific to financial services

industry is an asset.

 Developing, implementing and reviewing policies & procedures.


Environmental Conditions:

This position is based in Nairobi and is unaccompanied. This position is eligible

for a competitive salary package and other benefits as per our Human

Resource policy. Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a

professional manner and respect local laws, customs and company’s policies,

procedures, and values.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of background. We are

committed to creating an inclusive environment.


Job Details

Level : Senior level
Industry : Banking / Mortgage
Salary : Confidential
Experience : 5 Years
Applications : 0
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Masters
Company : Kaziweza limite...
Posted By Kaziweza limite... / 20 Dec 2022

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