Job Description

Job Purpose: Responsible for reliability, excellence, and plant asset management through readily identifying routine maintenance and/or work coordination. Activities include development, alignment & implementation of reliability excellence practices/programs; prevention, maintenance, and repair; project planning, contractor/vendor management; best practice application, training, and support.

Reporting to: Operations Manager.

Supervises All manufacturing site staff.

Key roles & responsibilities

Manufacturing Roles


Actualize daily, weekly & monthly production goals by tracking results, providing frequent feedback, and taking corrective actions as appropriate.

  • Plan, Coordinate, and execute production processes using available resources to meet target Demand and quality targets.
  • Create unity of purpose by ensuring manufacturing processes, resources and manpower are solely for the gain of the employer thereby mitigating conflict of interest.
  • Responsible for adhering to operations budget, costs, and losses through forecasting, tracking, and reporting.
  • Implement business development plans including identification and submission of capital and extraordinary maintenance projects to improve facility operations.
  • Continuously update, management on a frequent basis on the manufacturing site progress & arising issues.
  • Carry electrical troubleshooting and repair roles

Inventory Roles

Account for inventory (Raw material, finished goods & Spare parts) in the plant by ensuring accurate RECEIVING & DISPATCH as well as continuous stock take and update.

  • Raise & Share/Counter-check proper and accurate documentation  for manufacturing site processes as guided by internal policies & SOP in place
  • Mitigate inventory risks by instituting proactive measures to be able to identify shortfall/ risk potential and implement changes where necessary. 
  • Perform inspections and document verification on weighing across all stages of receiving of raw materials as well as dispatch.
  • Seek approval for rework through completing necessary documentation as well as confirming re-work.
  • update and management spares stock


Administration Roles

  • Account for daily manpower numbers/attendance, utilization, and output.
  • Provide timely and accurate site Payrolls, weekly and monthly payrolls duly signed.
  • Administer and account for section petty cash utilization 
  • Request, seek approval & recruit casual manpower on a need basis advised by operation requirements and budget.
  • Ensure Induction of New Staff and casuals is done accordingly and determine the Training required for Staff Development.
  • Ensuring staff proceed on weekly off days and annual leave days are exhausted within the calendar year.
  • Report in a timely manner arising and non-compliant manpower issues/security/operation/ issues/reporting.
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Management Reports

  • Update the management continuously on the manufacturing site progress & arising issues.
  • Analyze raw data generated by manufacturing sites, processing and sharing accurate summaries as appropriate.
  • Evaluate data and draft accurate reports, noting any relevant deviations from existing records.
  • On-Call for emergencies 24/7 as required
  • ISO & Kaizen implementation(5K,Autonomous Maintenance)
  • Quality Processes
  • Share payrolls, attendance registers, and Ad hoc reports, breakdowns.
  • Handle any duties assigned by management from time to time

Key Performance Indicators



Monthly Target


Manufacturing Targets

Planning and coordinating the team to Achievement of absolute production targets 



Off days and Leave days

Ensuring staff proceed on leave and exhaust their leave days during the annual year.



Manufacturing Budget control

Proactive planning & control of site overheads 



Staff & Payroll cost optimization

*Recruiting ONLY the required, approved & Competent staff.

*Commanding discipline, time management and target output realization



Minimized downtimes/Breakdowns

Continuous planning & preventive maintenance with a minimal Turnaround time (T.A.T) on Major breakdown.


T.A.T  6hrs



Degree in Mechanical/ Manufacturing/ Production or related field

Salary for the role   70,000


Job Details

Level : Mid level
Industry : Manufacturing
Salary : Ksh 60,000 - 75,000
Experience : 4 Years
Applications : 4
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Bachelor
Company : Kaziweza limite...
Posted By Kaziweza limite... / 30 Jul 2021

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