1. Staff Name, Number
  1. Position Name
Patient Care Attendant (OPD Dept)
  1. Principal Department
  1. Functional Department
Patient Care
  1. Assigned Location
Respective Ward(Gertrude’s  children hospital)
  1. Reports to
Ward manager and Nurse In charge/Team leader

 1.7              Appraised by

Respective Ward manager



  1. Main purpose of the section with reference to this position 

Provide inpatient and outpatient Nursing assistance services in line with the established protocols and best practices. 

  1. Customer needs
    1. Timely delivery of clean linen and equipment’s including dressing packs.
    2. Delivery of Well ironed stain-free and not torn linen
    3. Providing the right information and equipment’s
    4. Promotion of a diverse workforce
  2. Main purpose of this position
    1. The Patient CareAttendant job entails providing nursing services in line with     established protocols and best practices, daily bed making and ensuring that patient’s   room is clean and ready for admission among others.
    2. The procedure and consultation rooms plus Emergency units are clean and have all surgical supplies and all relevant documents.
    3. Key responsibilities of the position
      1. Bed making and carbolization of patient beds in the procedure areas.
      2. Dump dusting of the room; Counter tops ,patient locker, drips stand upon scheduled time and the beds
      3. Linen management in the unit; Collecting clean linen from Laundry  on need to need basis.
      4. Monitoring fridge temperature in kitchen and cleaning water dispenser and refilling of the disposable cups in the kitchenette and waiting area and charts
      5. Cleaning of flasks and picking of tea for the OPD staff.
      6. Assisting nurses in escorting patients to theatre and other waiting ares and investigation departments e.g Lab, x-ray theatre e.t.c
      7. Picking pharmacy store order, general stores and catering supplies
      8. Nursing assistant during some procedures like cannulation dressing, lumbar puncture.
      9. Collecting scrubs / lab coats from Laundry in the evening for doctor’s in the night


  1. Main Duties 
  2. Ensure all the surgical are available at bedside.
  3. Dropping of dirty instruments to CSSD and collecting sterile ones
  4. Pottering medication and checklist between ward, and procedure areas.
  5. Preparing feeds for patients like milk formulas and ORS and escorting patients from the department to the wards.
  6. Labelling and documenting on checklist
  7. Collecting outsourced report from the laboratory and delivery of drawn samples to the lab.
  8. Escorting patients for radiology tests
  9. Updating noticeboard
  10. Escorting clients to carpark on discharge
  11. Picking X-ray reports
  12. Cleaning patient use accessories including earpiece ,stethoscope,BP cuffs,weighing scales , oxygen points ,switches among others.
  13. Assisting patients with bedpans, urinal and vomiting bowls
  14. Receiving incoming calls calls.
  15. Sealing and replacing of sharp containers when 3/4 full. This should have a label to show the date removal date and point of use.


    1. Education and Professional Training 

3.1.1    Certificate in Patient Care Attendant 

3.1.2    O level qualification

3.1.3    Computer literate 

  1. Licensure
    1. Not Applicable
    2. Certification
      1. First aid training
      2. Fire and safety training
      3. Customer care training
    3. Competencies 

The Patient Care Attendant possesses and is able to demonstrate knowledge & skills in the following areas:

  1. Ability to work well in defined areas
  2. Ability to have interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Ability to show considerable mental or visual concentration
  4. Ability to show good level of conflict resolution
  5. Ability to demonstrate effective verbal and listening skills
  6. Ability to identify and handle challenges as they rise
  7. Ability to identify and differentiate patients’ needs
  8. Time Management skills
    1. Resuscitation skills
      1. Not applicable
    2. Experience
      1. At least one-year experience post qualification experience


    1. Not applicable



The holder of this position will participate in QPS in the following manner 

5.1       Maintain a safe and healthy environment carrying out assigned duties

5.2       Provide care that meets personal hygiene needs of patients

5.3       Safely and effectively minimizes the risk of infection

5.4       Document and report nears misses, adverse events, and sentinel events 

5.5       Uses personal protective equipment where indicated 

5.6       Implement applicable International Patient Safety Goals 

5.7       Implement policies and procedures that address safety and/or security 

5.8       Espouse a culture of safety at the individual level



The holder of this position shall be required to

5.1       Demonstrate addition of or improvement of competencies in a given year

5.2       Complete Continuous Professional Development plan for the year

    1. Performance evaluation will be carried out by the respective ward manager
    2. Performance evaluation will be carried out quarterly
    3. Performance evaluation will be based on verifiable data and information
    4. Performance evaluation will be done against the following key performance indicators:
      1. Performance against responsibilities and duties as per job description
      2. Achievement of professional development requirements
      3. Demonstrable professional growth
      4. Achievement of desired quality and safety and contribution to Quality and Safety
      5. Continued competence in line with set standards
      6. Performance against annual objectives in line with the balanced score card
    1. Vaccination against Hepatitis B
    2. Use of appropriate personal protective equipment
    3. Hand washing in line with  policy and procedures

Job Details

Level : Entry level
Industry : Hospital / Health Care
Salary : Confidential
Experience : None required
Applications : 2
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Certificate
Company : Kaziweza limite...
Posted By Kaziweza limite... / 19 Oct 2022

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