1. Objectives

As the fleet operation covers long distance from the factory, the Company is in a disadvantageous position in terms of Coal mining site to remain active in the competitive business environment unless its operates efficiently. The Shareholders and the Management is constantly trying to increase efficiency of the company’s fleet operation. 

Accordingly, the desire to have efficient and effective Fleet Operation Management System has necessitated the Company to undertake an in-depth study with the following specific objectives:

  1. To assess the current fleet operation system and identify gaps to be filled for betterment including the effectiveness of the institutional setup and efficiency.
  2. Assist in the selection and implementation of efficient and effective Fleet Management System in improving the competitiveness of the Company. 


2.Scope of Work

The scope of the consultancy service shall include the following: 

  1. The consultant shall undertake an in-depth assessment of the logistics services of the company in terms of manpower structure and headcount strength, skill and training, infrastructure for maintenance facilities, tools, shades, equipment, fleet size and each status of trucks.
  2. The consultant shall undertake comprehensive assessment of the existing system of the Company fleet operation such as:   
    1. Operation management system 
    2. Fuel management system
    3. Tire management system 
    4. Preventive maintenance system 
    5. Breakdown management system 
    6. Spare parts (Parts and inventory) management system 
    7. Finance management system 
    8. Control system of the fleet operation
    9. Accountability and transparencies of systems
    10. Human resource management system 
    11. Performance management system 
    12. Health, safety and security system
    13. Capacity Building 
    14. Incentive system 
    15. Insurance management system 
    16. Claim and warranty 
    17. Data management system 
    18. Planning, approval, and budgeting system 
    19. Reporting System
  3. The Consultant shall undertake assessment of past years performance trend  of the company fleet operation in terms of TAT, serviceability, utilization, fuel and tire consumption, fleet cost per km per ton-truck of products transported and breakeven, overtime expenses, per diem, incentive payment and break-even  analysis of the various routes. 
  4. Assessment of the transport service of NT and its needs based on the current and future transport challenges.
  5. Assessment of operating environment with respect to legal and institutional arrangements and technical capacity.
  6. Recommendations for effective and efficient utilization of the company’s fleets.
  7. Provide technical support in planning proposed recommendations/activities, which would include development of Transport Management System with detailed action plan developing KPIs with targets, responsibilities and timeline.



 The tasks shall include:

  1. Review existing documents and reports related to past fleet operation of the company.
  2. Examine best practices and developments of same operations to ensure recommended solutions in institutional arrangement and functions to deliver desired results.
  3. The consultant will take consideration of key stakeholders perceptions (management, employees, and insurance companies etc), findings and recommendations. 
  4. Review existing policy and legal documents related to transport and identify opportunities and barriers to implementation of recommendations
  5. Produce short, medium and long-term recommendations
  6. Provide necessary support in developing a strategic action plan for implementation. As option the consultant can propose  100% management contract for operation and maintenance management.



The consultant is expected to:

  1. Develop an assessment report detailing the existing fleet operation and system elements.
  2. Produce report that shows the identified gaps in the current fleet operation of the company.
  3. Develop recommendations to the Board of Directors of NT to reverse gaps identified and improve effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s feet operation. 
  4. Deliver a comprehensive document aimed at transforming the operations of NT’s transport service by incorporating recommendations.
  5. Assist in the implementation of the recommended short term and long terms actions by taking over the management (Operation and maintenance).



The consultant shall work closely with the coordinator assigned by the Employer and it shall report regularly on the progress of its engagement to same.


The consultant is required to have prior expertise in logistics business related assessment and studies with minimum of five years of experience as consulting business.


The duration of the consultancy service shall be in six months’ time from the signing of the contract agreement.


The remuneration for the consultancy service will be agreed upon with the consultant in separate agreement with effect to commencement date cited

Job Details

Level : Senior level
Industry : Business
Salary : Confidential
Experience : 5 Years
Applications : 3
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Bachelor
Company : Kaziweza limite...
Posted By Kaziweza limite... / 19 Jul 2022

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