Job Description

We are looking for a reliable Debt collector to contact debtors and claim outstanding debts towards their creditors. You will be responsible for recovering the money owed in as little time as possible.



  1. Keep track of assigned accounts to identify outstanding debts
  2. Plan course of action to recover outstanding payments
  3. Locate and contact debtors to inquire about their payment status
  4. Negotiate payoff deadlines or payment plans
  5. Handle questions or complaints
  6. Investigate and resolve discrepancies
  7. Create trust relationships with debtors when possible to avoid future issues
  8. Update account status and database regularly
  9. Alert superiors of debtors unwilling or unable to pay when necessary
  10. Utilize various skip tracing techniques and collection strategies (often designed by employees) to locate the right parties in order to negotiate payment arrangements on high collectability or value accounts.
  11. Negotiate payment terms and methods when the right party is reached. The process often requires reviewing the account information in the database, and/or asking probing questions of the consumer in order to better understand potential objections to payment.
  12. Overcome stalls and objections & suggest money sources for debt payment.
  13. Utilize payment options (credit cards, direct checks) and secure this information so that administrative services can process.
  14. Negotiate settlements outside of normal guidelines, authorize credit bureaus deletions, negotiate payment arrangements over a longer span of time than normal, take accounts out of treatment (close accounts) within certain guidelines.
  15. May advise management regarding collection strategy effectiveness for various portfolios.
  16. May help resolve higher-level disputes.
  17. Take escalated calls from level I and II collectors.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned.
  19. The Debt Collector will prepare notifications to secure payment; explain penalties, interest, deadlines, and consequences for failure to comply Ability to negotiate while maintaining a manner that shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism.
  20. Make outbound and receive inbound calls and consistently follow the company’s collection call model and techniques.
  21. Ability to perform basic skip-tracing tasks which include following the company’s skip-tracing matrix in order to make contact with our customer.
  22. Consistently and accurately document all information pertaining to accounts.
  23. Use basic business math to solve problems.
  24. Speak clearly, concisely, and effectively; listen to, and understand information and ideas as presented verbally.
  25. Read, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures.
  26. Follow written and/or verbal instructions.
  27. Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.
  28. Ability to change quickly with the needs of a growing company.
  29. Ability to multi-task by speaking with customers and typing notes simultaneously.
  30. Meet monthly individual goals as set by the Department Manager.
  31. Perform other duties as assigned.
  32. Our Debt Collectors are self-motivated, reliable negotiation experts who care for our customers as well as our company. They are responsible for contacting our customers who are between one and six months past due on their credit card accounts and securing payment arrangements.
  33. As a critical and essential part of the job, Debt Collectors must be adaptable, assertive, dependable, and persistent in order to successfully negotiate payment arrangements on a file of delinquent accounts. Payment arrangements are achieved through a combination of manual dialing, skip tracing, and automated dialer work.
  34. In addition, our Debt Collectors must maintain adherence to the law and outstanding attendance at all times.
  35. Maintain debtor’s book to ensure that the debt status is accurate and latest.
  36. Develop reports on aged debt accounts and days sales outstanding (DSO) reports.
  37. Monitor slow-moving accounts to identify delinquent debts and take necessary action to recover the debts.
  38. Offer 24×7 services to customers in a prompt and accurate manner.
  39. Post customers’ checks and ensure timely credit transfer.
  40. Review collection queue to perform collection activities accordingly.
  41. Adhere to customer policies and procedures.
  42. Contact debtors and implement repayment schedules and terms.
  43. Assist the company to take legal action against debtors by providing necessary information.
  44. Follow legal requirements during debt collections to avoid legal issues.
  45. Attend educational programs for professional growth and skill development.





Job Details

Level : Mid level
Industry : Business
Salary : Confidential
Experience : 3 Years
Applications : 65
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Bachelor
Company : Finesse consult
Posted By Finesse consult / 06 Apr 2021

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