Job Description

Our Client in the healthcare industry is looking for a qualified sales lead. The main purpose of the position is to develop and implement an effective sales strategy leading to growth in the utilization of the business's services in line with the business's strategic plan. The position entails overseeing and managing all sales functions of the business including direct management of the sales team.  The position holder will be responsible for continuing to build the sales organization including implementation of all sales processes, systems, training of personnel, and tracking of all customers and customer lists.  The sales focus will be on both the inpatient and outpatient services covering the whole continuum of care including diagnostic, preventive, and curative services. The position holder will also carry out actual sales including fieldwork activities which will entail 60% of the holder’s duties.   



  • Development and execution of an effective sales strategy aligned to the business strategic plan and service lines
  •   Effective implementation of the annual sales plan and achievement of the business sales objectives.
  •  Maintaining and enhancing the business relationship with customers in line with their current and evolving needs 
  • Optimizing of existing distribution channels and establishment of new ones
  •  Managing, developing, supporting, coaching, and leading the sales force to ensure high levels of professionalism and performance 
  • Continually improving the knowledge of the organization on the business climate to inform sales strategies and actions
  • Develop the businesses sales strategy and update it annually
  • Coordinate the execution of the sales strategy
  • Monitor & review the deployment and effectiveness of the businesses sales strategy including the filing of the requisite reports
  • Establish annual sales objectives, sales activity plan, and budget aligned to the sales strategy and annual volume targets.
  •  Collaboratively define individual sales objectives for team members
  • Coordinate and oversee the implementation of the annual sales plans through the execution of planned activities.
  •  Coordinate with the business development and marketing function on leads generation
  • Carry out weekly, monthly, quarterly, monitoring and evaluation of sales plan implementation and implement corrective actions where applicable
  •  Develop and file requisite reports
  • Maintain and disseminate data, information, and reports, relating to customers, partners, accounts, and activities to support and/or inform sales activities
  • Carry out networking events for key customers
  •  Ensure engagement is taking place at suitable intervals and in suitable ways by businesses personnel to ensure excellent relations with all clients
  •  Ensure clear segmentation of the customer base into client categories and ensure that the businesses systems track appropriate levels of both contact and follow up with the client categories
  •  Identify existing distribution channels, optimize both the businesses' interaction with them and their effectiveness.
  • Explore and develop new distribution channels.
  • Develop and implement new sales initiatives, strategies, and programs to capture key demographics
  • Carry out networking events for key distribution channels
  • Work with the immediate supervisor and Human Resources department to engage a sales team through the most efficient model and define the ongoing structure of the sales function
  •  Onboard, train, and ensure ongoing competence of the sales team with regard to product knowledge and sales skills
  •  Motivate, guide, train, lead, coach the sales team to focus on the right activities, to identify potential clients, and achieve high-level performance
  • Coordinate & guide the line managers and the marketing function to develop sales scripts, detailing materials, and relevant communication material. 
  • Maintain and enhance own and sales team’s professional and technical knowledge through structured ongoing professional development
  • Manage the performance of the sales team through performance planning, development and application of performance metrics, and performance reviews 
  • Create and uphold the right culture in the sales function including but not limited to living the business values of professionalism, respect, integrity, collaboration, and excellence
  •  Provide quarterly market insights to the Exco team to help identify new trends, evolving customer needs, new or growing market segments, competitor trends, and any relevant population and industry data that may impact or inform the business volume growth. 


Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in life sciences (such as biology, pharmacy, or biomedical science)
  • Previous experience in nursing or healthcare or else a track record in sales or marketing and an appreciation of what Healthcare Sales involve.
  • 6 years experience as a medical sales representative 3 of which have to be in a management role.
  • Familiarity with databases, statistics, product lines, and the latest medical issues
  • Knowledge of MS Office
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork and networking skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Highly motivated and target is driven with a proven track record in sales
  • Ability to travel frequently
  • Strong negotiation and sales skills


Job Details

Level : Senior level
Industry : Marketing / Advertising / Sales
Salary : Confidential
Experience : 6 Years
Applications : 8
Locality : Nairobi, Kenya
Eligibility : Bachelor
Company : CDL
Posted By CDL / 21 Jan 2021

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