Quick Job Hunting Skills That You Will Find Very Useful

1.       Get clear on what you want

When job hunting, it is easier to say you want a particular job. However, what you should check is whether your career goals align with the job. Many people will apply for jobs that they are not really interested in. Be clear on what you want and go for it.

2.       Tailor your resume to each job

Ask a professional to proofread your resume and cover letter for errors. You can also choose to work with a professional resume-writing service or resource to save time and enhance your resume and cover letter. Resumes tailored to fit a job are more likely to be successful.

3.       Research your target companies

As you find open job positions that interest you, research the hiring companies. This provides you with information about their company culture, benefits, products and services and work environment.  This also gives you valuable information to help tailor your cover letter.

4.       Prepare for all job interviews

After you get called for an interview, develop responses for common interview questions, and then practice. The more prepared you are for the interview, the more comfortable you'll be and the more likely you'll succeed. It is also important to practice your body language.

5.       Use all Job Search Resources

If your resume is not online, you nearly don’t exist. Remember that the world is turning digital. Make use of online job search resources and complete your profile. Most employers will prefer reviewing applications for candidates with complete profiles.

6.       Network regularly and Expand your skills

If you are just entering the workforce or starting a new career, you might need more training or experience to get a job. Consider getting an internship or volunteering with an organization. Use these opportunities to expand your network of contacts and get a good idea of what is out there and available. Don't be afraid to reach out to people on LinkedIn or job search websites, and if you know someone working at a company that interests you, ask for a referral.

There are many job applicants in the Kenyan market today. Setting yourself aside and being unique will guarantee you consideration from employers. Rethink your strategies and come back stronger.