Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Use a recruitment specialist

 If you don’t have the time to recruit, work with someone who does. Online job boards and recruitment firms have resources that will help you speed up the process.

Put a clear structure in place

Set clear goals and structure that specify roles and deadlines. This means you can manage candidate expectations while staying on track with your recruitment goals.

Automate where possible

The less you have to do manually, the quicker the process will be. Make use of automated CV applications. Psychometric tests on candidates also ensure you get the best candidates without actually interviewing them.

Use social media

 If you’ve got a great job advert written, make sure to post it on social media too. This is a dynamic way to get the message out there and boost candidate engagement.

Only interview the very best candidates

This sounds obvious, but many companies interview many candidates ‘just in case’ – even if they aren’t hitting all of your criteria. Save time by being a little more ruthless and only selecting the very best for the interview.

Consider flexible interviews

If you don’t have to wait for a suitable date for the interview panel and candidate, using telephone or video interviews instead, you can cut days or even weeks from the interview stage.